It Happened By The Lake

Staring: Jenascia Hatoyama and A' Marie Richardson

Author's Note: Jenascia is the daughter of Bianca and Chase, my characters from my story "Rain On Me."

Rating: R

Warning: This story contains strong language, sexual content, and homosexuality ____________________________________________________________________________ _____

A cacophony of cricket chirps, leaves rustle in the current, and an owl hoot echoed throughout the brisk night air. My halter dress billowed in the breeze whilst the wind's fingers intertwined in my raven tresses. The luscious green forest encircled the geometric shaped lake like velvet surrounding a precious pearl.
Constructed over sixty years old, the cabin was made out of rich maple wood, that still to that day left an outdoor aroma within the home. A few years prior, a wooden Jacuzzi was installed on the deck.
From my vantage point in the doorframe of the back door, I saw her perched on the dock, feet waving back and forth in the water.
I met Jenasica in division my freshman year of high school. I was sitting at my desk reviewing my classes when I blew a bubble with my gum, glanced up, and noticed her sashay into the room. Her miniature size and bright attire are what got my attention, and I wasn't the only one staring at her.
She grinned, taking note of the gazes. "I know I'm good-looking, but damn!" she exclaimed brazenly, clutching her handbag in one hand and her sunglasses in the other. Mumbles, compliments, and insults bounced throughout the classroom as I smiled, shook my head, eyed my schedule, and smacked on my gum once more.
"Lovin' the low cut shirt seeing as you have nice, big tits."
My jaw dropped in sync with the bell ringing. "Excuse me, Lime?"
Tossing her Hello Kitty book-bag on the floor, she seated in the desk adjacent to me. "You heard me. They look like fresh, ripe melons." She admired my face momentarily. "Plus, you fine as hell."
I muttered, "Thanks," and the teacher commenced to speak. As he informed us of the challenges ahead as freshmen, I couldn't help but hazard a glance at the audacious girl.
She was a cute girl. She appeared to biracial: African-American and Asian. Her jet black hair was splayed freely on her back, inches past her shoulders, and tiny was she - definitely under five feet tall. Lime colored miniskirt, sleeveless top, flip-flips, and finger and toenails were plastered to her body.
"See something you like, dear?" Lime teased.
"No, all that green reminds me of someone who just vomited pea soup."
"Well, excuse me Miss.." she studied my outfit, "D.K.N.Y. Just because I can go to Walmart and get a top, bottom, and shoes for under twenty dollars instead of one hundred twenty."
"Don't hate because both of my parents make enough money to..."
"For you information, my mother makes seventy-five thousand dollars a year whilst my father makes one hundred ten."
"Could you smack that gum any louder?"
"Sure." I commenced to smack the hell out of that gum, even removing it from my mouth and twirling it around my manicured finger.
"Prissy ass bitch," she mumbled.
"Walmart shopping whore."
We glared at one another and chuckled.
"I like you," Lime admitted. "Let's get on to the basics, so we can proceed to the good stuff." She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "My name is Jenascia Hatoyama, and my mother is black, while my father is Japanese. I was born and raised in Tokyo until I was ten when my parents decided to move back Illinois. They are from Palos Heights, but their ignorant families doesn't accept the concept of interracial couples, so they decided to reside in Chicago. I also speak both English and Japanese fluently." She dug through her purse, retrieved a grape Jolly Rancher, and plopped it into her mouth. "My favorite food are Jolly Ranchers; I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty; my favorite color is anything flamboyant." She examined me closely. "And, I love to snack on pink, succulent pussy." Winking, she inquired lasciviously, "What's your story, gorgeous?"
I stared at her, astonished. "Well, I'm A' Marie Richardson, and I'm one hundred percent Negro. I've lived here all my life. My favorite food is chocolate whipped cream; my favorite color is red; and the only thing I'm obsessed with is being successful in life.and maybe clothes."
"So, do I got a chance with you?"
"Sorry, boo. I'm strictly dickly."
"You keep telling yourself that, A' Marie." My name rolled sensually off her tongue.
"Ladies, you've been talking the entire time you've been here. I've been patient, but now I will ask you to please be quiet."
"Sorry, Mr. Wilson," we replied in unison, in the same sarcastic tone.
"Fucker," she muttered while I said, "Asshole."
We glanced at one another and giggled, and from that day on the shameless, immodest Walmart shopping whore and the opinionated, bossy prissy ass bitch became best friends. Two beings, normally destined to enemies, were partners in crime.
I had flabbergasted Jenascia by joining the tennis, basketball, and track teams with her.
"I thought you were the cavalier, cheerleading type."
"Well, obviously you were misinformed."
She was absolutely amazing. When someone called her a dyke, she would reply with "Thank you."
In a television commercial for a certain candy bar, it stated, "change was bad." Not necessarily.
Early in my junior year, I'd driven to Jenascia's house in a hysterical fit, and upon opening the door, I collapsed in her arms, sobbing my agonizing sorrows about the smug male who had generously deflowered me from my innocence.
Jamel Bowie, the six feet seven token black athlete I've been dating for over a year, had hurt me once more.
Stroking my hair while my head rested peacefully on her shoulder, Jenascia commented, "I don't know why you continue to waste your tears over the trivial bullshit Jamel puts your through, A' Marie." We were in her bed, and I loved the way her silky sheets rubbed against my skin almost as much as I enjoyed being in her arms. "You are an attractive, witty young lady, who needs to dump that nefarious, unintelligent, insolent bastard."
Disentangling myself from her arms, I grabbed the chocolate whipped cream can off the bed and slathered some in the palm of my hand.
Lapping the foamy chocolate treat greedily, I strolled over to her dresser, viewing the collage of photographs featuring Jenascia and I doing various poses at numerous times.
"Men are worse than the shit that flows out of my ass," Jenascia replied crudely, swirling whipped cream on her finger. "I treat my women like queens, and if I suddenly become disinterested in them, I will informed them instead of stringing them along like puppets."
Softly, "Do you think he doesn't want to be with me any more?"
"I don't know." I eyed her reflection via the mirror as she held an unreadable manifestation. "If you were my woman, I'd treat you like more than a queen. I would treat you like a goddess." Rotating one hundred eighty degrees, I faced her. Her head was down, watching her hands fiddling with the whipped cream can. She then lifted her head, and her almond shaped eyes locked with mine. "I'd worship you like I was your unworthy servant and bathe you in all the pleasure your pretty, little body could handle."
Her voice conveyed in no shape or form frivolity, and her words caressed me like her black, satin sheets.
Life was like a delicious lemon cake, and I was ready to indulge in a slice of it.
Uncharacteristically apprehensive, I approached her. "Show me."
Jenascia and I didn't become a couple after that, nor did I terminate my relationship with Jamel.
That was the problem.
I continued to date Jamel while allowing Jenascia to provide me with all the pleasure my pretty, little body could handle. Embellishing in my own felicity, I failed to realize that our lecherous activity meant more to her than self-gratification, causing her to feel as degraded as the unfortunate women men so blatantly used.
It wasn't until spring break of the same year that Jenascia expressed her feelings of my nonchalance toward the situation. I had accompanied her to traveling to Tokyo in order so that she could visit relatives she hadn't seen in years.
After a heated session on her finger fucking me in her cousin's guest room, we had journeyed to a dance club. Although the minimum drinking age in Japan was twenty, the bartender, Jenascia's cousin Lillian, let us slide on this particular law.
In my seventeen years of existence I had consumed alcoholic beverages. I'd gotten a little tipsy, but never hammered.
There was a first time for everything.
Drunk off a combination of Japanese sake and American beer, I staggered to the dance floor, interrupting an engrossed couple.
"Haaaay, cuwtie. Wanna dance wit meee?" I slurred to a nice-looking young man and his woman let out a huff. Ignoring her, I continued to converse with the gentleman. "Don't worrrrryy, about her, baby. You know you want all this chocolate goodness."
The man seemed tempted by my offer while the woman commenced to swear at me in Japanese. After three years of friendship with Jenascia, I had learned some Japanese terms. One of the words I was taught was "bitch."
"Biiitch? Did you jussst call me a biitch? I should whoop your scrawny, ugly, Japanese behind, you."
Dainty hands clasped around my arm, tugging me in the opposite direction. Jenascia apologized to the woman in Japanese and dragged me off of the dance floor.
"Wha are you doing, Jenascia? I wass just having a lil fun." She guided me to a barstool, and when I tried to reach for her beer, she smacked my hand.
"You've had enough, missy."
"No, I haven't," I giggled.
She emitted a sigh, shaking her head at me, and then she turned her attention to the bartender. "Lillian, I'm about to take her back to your mother's house. I'll see you later."
"Okay, give her some aspirin before she goes to sleep to relieve her of a massive headache in the morning."
Hauling me out of the club, she halted for a taxi, and just as it pulled up, a burning sensation erupted in the pit of my stomach, sending me to sprint in a nearby alley to vomit. Jenascia held my hair back while massaging my back as I puked.
The taxi ride to the house was one of the direst experiences of my life. I keep gagging, but luckily I didn't barf again. The taxi driver appeared to be disgusted with me, and I knew Jenascia was disappointment as well as embarrassed with me. The silence in the car was grim, and all I wanted to do was to hide under a rock and die.
After paying the driver, Jenascia led me into the house. "What's wrong with A' Marie, Jenascia?" Lillian's mother questioned.
Jenascia lied, "Nothing, Midi. She's just a little sick. She'll be fine."
Pulling me through the guest bedroom into the bathroom, she aided me in brushing my teeth, washing my face, holding my hair back while I vomited, and dressing me in my night apparel.
She took her cousin's advice giving me two aspirins and a glass of water to drown them down with.
Comfy in the queen size bed, I eyed my best friend standing uneasily in the middle of the room staring blankly at the wall.
Patting the spot beside me, I asked, "Are you about to get in the bed?"
"Actually, I was going to take a little stroll outside."
"Are you mad at me?"
She sighed. "No."
A storm of frustration clouded in me. She had been acting distant ever since we left from Chicago yesterday, and I knew the events of tonight hadn't helped things much.
"Have I done something to you? You've been acting disdain toward me since we flew out from O'Hare Airport..shit actually before then.since we were at your house, and I didn't fly halfway around the world with you just to have you ignore me."
"Yes, you have done something to me. You've evaded my heart.'
"Huh?" I said, dumbfounded.
"A' Marie, I'm in love with you, and it kills me how casually you act after our sexual encounters. When we make love, and yes, that is what we are doing - making love, I give myself to you, and then you turn around and go right back to Jamel. You know you are unhappy with him, otherwise you wouldn't be coming to me, so you might as well stop stringing him along, and I don't care what you say, I know you have feelings for me as well. You need to stop being so damn stubborn to admit them."
"I-I-I." I began. Jenascia's expression was as melancholy as a dirge.

My best friend figured I had no response to her declaration, so she stated quietly, "I'm going for a walk. I will be back."
The dispiritedness in her voice shot into my heart like a speeding bullet. She turned and headed toward the door. I knew what I had to do to assuage her pain.
I had to admit my amorous feelings for her.
Just as her hand touched the doorknob, suddenly sober, I leaped out of the bed, collapsed on the floor in front of her, and hugged her waist, bursting into tears.
"Wait, Jenascia. Don't leave me!" I sobbed, and she rubbed her hand through my hair. "I-I'm just scared.of what people will think, say. I know it is foolish, but it's how I feel. I don't have as much confidence as you think; I'm not as independent as you think, and sometimes I do care what people think. I know this will make you angry, but freshman year I used to deny that I associated with you, 'the dyke' as they claimed." I hazarded a glance at her face, but she didn't seem upset. She just continued stroking my hair. "But then I stopped caring because you were blossoming into a wonderful friend, and." I spoke in a low voice. "I love you too." I pressed my lips on her skin underneath the navel. "I'm going to prove it to you."
Unsnapping her button down jeans, I eased them down, kissing her smooth leg and then the other. Her purple thong soon joined her pants at her ankles, and the powerful scent of her arousal alarmed my senses.
Resting my head on the soft patch of hair on her vagina, I inserted one finger into her passage.
"Oh, baby," my "blackanese" (Black/Japanese) goddess moaned as her head fell back against the door. I pushed in and out of her as I absentmindedly caressed her right thigh with my left hand.
"I'm not going to care about what people think, Jenascia. Baby, I want us to be together." I inched another digit into her while my thumb commenced to massage her clit. "I promise as soon as we get back home to the States, I will end things with Jamel." Her hips moved in rhythm with my fingers as her sighs and moans intensified. "I love you, Jenascia."
"I love you too, A' Marie."
Adding a third digit, I started to fuck her harder. "Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, baby," she babbled. I gazed as my fingers were swallowed in and out of her, her hips buckling at a desperate rate.
I sensed she was on the verge of her climax, so I whispered against her sweet pussy, "Come for me, lover."
With her month ajar and her eyes squeezed shut, she came, painfully crying out my name while fat tears seeped from her gorgeous eyes.
I rode out her orgasm with her, and after her breathing resembled normal , I removed my fingers. She slid down to sit next to me, and her eyes bored into mine as she slicked back a tendril of my hair that fell tenderly over my face and pulled me into a searing kiss.
That night wasn't the first time we made love, but it was the first time I opened up my blind eyes and realized it, giving myself to her.
Staying together for a year and three months, it was a blissful relationship. With Jenascia's help, I learned to overlook the mockery and hatred that people (mostly Jamel) expelled toward us for having an openly gay relationship.
It was my other insecurities that caused me to terminate our flourishing relationship. Sitting on my lover's deck, sipping Pina Coladas with the departure to separate colleges approximately a month away, I informed her that because we would be leaving for school shortly, we would be in a new environment and start to meet and become interested in other people. I suggested that we break up in order that we may see other people.
"Are you saying there is someone in your life right now that you want to see?"
"No. I-I-I'm just saying that we should break up just in case that occurs."
"You know what, A' Marie.nevermind. You want to break up? Fine, consider ourselves broken up. Do you want anything else, friend?" She bitterly added the word "friend."
I shook my head, and she rose out of her seat to check on the grilling burgers.
Trudging along the path to the docks with an assortment of insects flying above me and even biting me, I wanted to inform my love that discontinuing our relationship last year was the worst mistake I had made in my nineteen years of living.
This past year in college, I had dated copious amounts of people - male and female, but no one came close to Jenascia.
Determined to fill the void in my heart that Karma had so malevolently left, I slowly walked onto the docks, eventually standing next to a sitting Jenascia.
"Can I sit here?" I asked.
"Sure," she responded halfheartedly.
Toeing off my sandals, I sat adjacent to her, mirroring the movement of her feet in the water. Her toes were painted rose and mine lavender, so together they looked like luxurious gems sparkling back and forth in the balmy water.
"Would you like some whipped cream?"
"No, thanks."
I squirted the last of the cream onto my finger and discarded the can on the docks. We sat there in silence as I sucked the sweet favor off of my digit.
I glanced at Jenascia who was looking stunning as always. The reflection of the moon ricocheted off of the lake onto her face, accented her beautiful Asian features.
An idea suddenly formed in my head. "I feel like skinny dipping," I stated, standing up. I untied my halter dress, letting it pool around my feet as my full breasts were exposed. I shimmied out of my panties and cautiously stepped into the lake. I moved toward the middle of the lake where it is deep enough for me to swim. I glimpsed at Jenasica, and when I comprehended what she was doing, I stared incredulous at her.
My best friend disrobed herself, and she joined me in the lake. She swam out in the middle of the it, and we frolicked about in silence. Instantaneously our eyes meet one another's, and I realized that she was still in love with me also.
Bravely moving toward her, my lips touched hers. Afraid that she may pull away, I entangled my fingers in her hair. She didn't pull away though, instead kissing me back, and even pushing her tongue in my mouth.
I could taste the Jolly Rancher in her month, and she could taste the chocolate whipped cream on mine. Together we tasted like a cherry filled chocolate.
After minutes of our erotic oral dance, we broke away, breathless. Grabbing her arm, I led her back toward the docks. I helped her perch her pretty little bum on the wood, and as I climbed to sit beside her, I witnessed the water cascading down her sensual body.
Our lips met once more, and this time I fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples. She cooed into my month as I left her lips, trailing mine along her neck, shoulder blade, to her chest. I removed my mouth from her, straddled her legs, gently pushed her down, and then resumed my assault on her with my lips.
While my body covered her four feet nine, ninety-six pound one, I felt so huge even though I was only five feet one, one hundred twenty pounds.
When I reached her tits, I worshipped her small breasts like she had my 34Ds.
"Ooo, like that, baby," she hissed, pushing my head into her chest as I rotated between the two peaks. I abandoned them, and Jenascia let out a soft groan. I licked my way to her navel and swirled around it causing her to giggle. Yeah, that was one of her spots.
I dropped to my knees in the lake, the water resting at the top on my breasts. I pulled my best friend's tiny body forward until her butt was at the edge.
She began to sit up as I spread her legs with my hands. I leaned forward and stroked her center with my pointy, eager tongue.
"Oh, A' Marie."
"I love you so much, Jenascia. Breaking up with you last year was the worst mistake I ever made. I just I thought if we stayed together, you would go on to college and find someone better, worthy of your love. I just didn't want to end up hurt, but I ended up hurting you. Please forgive me, and give me another chance. I'll do good by you, I promise. I love you so much, baby, and I'm going to prove it to you."
I lapped at her repeatedly in long, slow licks, and then I commenced to flicker my tongue against her clit whist I inserted two fingers inside her warm passage.
"Oh, oh, oh." she expressed, gaping like a fish out of water. Finally she came, her orgasm flooding throughout her like waves, one after the other. I kept suckling and fingering her until her lithe body was completely spent.
"C'mon here," my sweetheart told me groggily. With her arms opened out to me, I was drawn to her like paperclips to a magnet. "I love you, A' Marie. Thank you," she whispered.
"No, thank you."
Embraced in one another's arms, we allowed the cool air to envelope our naked bodies as we slept serenely on the wooden planks.
It happened by the lake - the night I gave my soul mate my all.