I think of things that never were
I think of things that never will be
I think of all the alternate paths with choices unsure
I think of all the paths and ultimately all the choices lead to me
br /br
I think too much
I think too little
I think of times too far and too near to touch
I think of times when I could never get my mind to settle
br /br
I think of how one moment can change your life
I think of how one thought can change your dreams
I think of how I once only thought of the strife
I think of how I once drowned myself in the sounds of silent screams
br /br
Never alone yet always by myself
That is how it's always been
What I wanted left at the far end of the shelf
Everyone's stable rock to the end
br /br
Yet the end of one thing brings times anew
The rainbow from the storm above the sky
Clouds bringing silver lining in which I once flew
I look upon the graying clouds with a sigh
br /br
For there are answers that have brought more questions that no one else can
Are the answers better then the questions they bring
I contemplate as I watch the freshly falling snow
Silently waiting as reality tells me it's time to go