I feel sorry for Him sometimes... Apologies in advance if anyone is offended, but I don't see why you would be. I believe in God, but not in the conventional way. This is my point of view.


As His invisible eye
Sweeps across the cosmos
I wonder
Have they ever closed?
For a moment of blissful sleep?

As His caressing hands
Help all His children
I wonder
Have they ever embraced
The one he loves?

As His comforting spirit
Saves our souls
I wonder
Does it ever cry out
For something more?

Yet, I am in no place
To question him.
He is the One
Or does he regret
Telling us this?
Has he made a mistake
In being God?

Up in the castle of His
In the unforgiving chill
Of blackened space,
Twinkling with stars
(Or are they angel's tears?)
Does he ever put his head down?
Let crystal tears fall?
And wonder
Where did he go wrong?

On he toils
Guiding us
Can he ever hear the thanks,
The praises?
Or are they tainted
By the ever-present suffering
That he cannot destroy?

How can he be with us?
When he is alone himself?
Has he ever felt the touch
Of another?
The bright sunshine
Of a smile?
He just resides
In "Heaven"
His own Hell
Of dark skies
And pale stars
Never can He see
The gift He has given us.

Of all of His
Wonderful creations
Why isn't there one
For him?
If He is the One
And there is nothing else
Why do we rejoice in this?

Sitting in his thrown
So near yet so far
Why is our loving creator
All alone?