Over Your Shoulder

While you pushed me to the ground
I lay still, not making a sound
I ate the dirt you put on my plate
You caught the fish using me as bait
My anger grew silently inside
Now it's broken through
And now you've no place to hide
You can run.
But you can't escape
You should've started running
When you saw me break
But instead you decided to laugh at my tears
You're not laughing anymore
Your face is full of fear
I'm sorry, did I do that?
Make you wish you could take back.
Ever even knowing me?
And giving me the opportunity
To let the anger be released
Stripping me of all known peace
Go on, take a swing
Your words no longer mean a thing
It's over for you
You've hit a dead end
These wounds you made
Will never mend
You can't pretend I'm not there
And not even dare
To look back
To glance over your shoulder
Because I'll be right behind you
Go ahead, try and hide
I'll always find you.
Keep in mind
You've no one but yourself to blame
You're the one that lit my flame
You provided the fuel
You made me spark
The light helped me
Find my way out of the dark
So run away fast
Don't look over your shoulder
The further I chase you
It gets darker and colder
I'll chase you so far into the dark
And extinguish your flame
So you will never get out
I know I'm not about to look back.
I've got a target
Locked on your face
And I'm not about to let you
Get ahead in this race.