So Cliché

I am fading
I am falling
I am lost and alone
So scared and unknown
Running around in circles
Because like everyone around us
We are too uneducated on this world
I am dead
I am living
I feel like I have climbed a mountain higher then the sky
Everyone has been lying
Life is never as good as gold

Everything anybody ever wrote about life
Is so cliché

I am in heaven
I am in hell
I am in an ecstasy of all days
So higher then the earth of sunshine rays
Jumping for joy and hugging the fluffy clouds of above
Because you kissed me in the rain
We are too happy in this world
I am in love
I am in hate
I feel like I am ripping myself in two
Everyone has been fighting inside my head
Love is never forever

Everything anybody ever wrote about love
Is so cliché

Mute me before I shut myself
Since I have nothing to say
I shall not say anything at all.
Because everything I have never felt
Is so cliché