Don't feel like watching the kids
Put them in front of the TV
And stare at the computer screen
Don't feel like outsourcing my job
To cheap labor in India
But I won't submit again
Unless you pay me off
Wanna be like rich people
Who show off their houses
I couldn't even live in it
Because I'd be afraid to sit on the furniture wrong
Wanna be a celebrity
With cameras on my ass
Too bad I wasn't prefab
At age five
But then life, is kind of oppressive
And I'm a little conscious of it
But I like to wear a smile
Recycled from society
Death poles
Are starting to seem mellow
When I see them
Eating a microwave dinner
I would listen to political analysis
But American Idol is on
Everything blends
In this ambiguous happy land
Things are going to fast
For my perception
And I'm afraid of it sounding
Like a crappy metaphor
I went to the psychiatrist
Told him his job was a scam
He dismissed my "whimsical" notion
And gave me a prescription.