Sit here, look through my eyes
Tell me what you see
Do you see those hidden lies?
See the passion in me?

A sea of jumbled thoughts
Full of abstract illusions
Come on, connect the dots
You aren't having delusions

See the black and white rainbow
Look at the clashing memories
Just feel how I feel, oh so low
I've been flying through cemeteries

There's much chaos on the road
The sun's hidden behind a dark cloud
Wilted grass left of that bode
Images seem to scream really loud

Brown-tipped flowers are left behind
Thoughts are consumed by noise
For once stop being so kind
All that's found are broken toys

A drunken stupor, endless tries
Confusions of a damaged mind
There that weird clownish doll sighs
These thoughts one can never bind

Listen to a song of heartbreak
Read a tale about messed up fate
Sense of this all you'll never make
I never was meant to be made bait

Where is paradise, you'll ask me
It's just a nonexistent chimera
How long have you had its key?
Happiness shall fail by the end of this era

You'll see the death of a dream
Blinding darkness leaving me unable to see
Dried up shall be the once flowing stream
There's so much pandemonium left in me

Terrorizing fears mingled with bliss
Deadly poison flows through my veins
Was it a lie or was it a kiss?
Call me crazy, call me insane

Crashing down is the world around
The sounds of colors are so sweet
Take a look at that tangled mound
Listen to the unending tranquil beat

Watch as the blood hits the floor
Staining the beauty of lethal serenity
Burning away is the blackened door
I'm quickly losing my whole identity

Ahead I see the light I've been looking for
My thoughts start to take their own place
Complex no more, yet I'm still sore
Luckily I'm not the only insane case...