One last fatal blow
The agony's ended
I'm thankful although
My energy's spent
That final safe haven
I have defended
Now seems so worhtless
It's come to an end

You must have been right
When you said you were dying
(x a few)
So give me some fire to burn out my eyes

A heroine weeps
How she needs some attention
She can't find her way
She's so selfishly lost
How can I show you
In a pitiful moment
What it's taken me years
Just to understand?



(Heavier, faster last verse)
If we were immortal
How could we go on?
There is too much pressure
Pressure to belong
If I am not living
I shall not be scared
There's too much pity
Such a pitiful stare


OUTRO (with mutterings of-)
What do you call truth in a world like this? Safely locked away
Sedated by fear, too much pity. Too much shame.