When the day is done,
I make the journey home.
I said 'good by' to my friends,
And I depart
To the lonesome road.
I think of things that I normally don't,
Like how walking home alone exemplifies my life.
The disparity sinks in,
Snapping out of it only when
I noticed that there was someone else walking the same path.
I walked a distance in front of her,
But my heart reached out for companionship.
Eventually I turned down my street,
And she hers.

The next day was like all the others.
Kicking pebbles to pass the time.
Now I found myself thinking of the girl.
I didn't know her
And I'd only seen her once,
But I found myself yearning for her company,
Because I was walking home alone.
I saw her again.
This time she walked ahead of me.
We both walked home alone
And we went our separate ways.

Days went by,
And I'd kick the stones to pass the time.
We'd walk alone
And we'd go our separate ways.

It was a normal,
When she was walking opposite me,
When a rock I was kicking went off track.
It rolled to the other side of the street.
So I decided to let it go.
I walked on a bit,
But then I heard the stone being kicked.
I turned and saw it was her.
For the first time our eyes met.
The next day we walked home together.