I've told you so many times
that I'm here if you need me
and you can tell me anything
Cry on my shoulder if you need to
Shout about how you hate your parents
Anything you need
I'll give you
It took awhile, but I think
you've finally stopped
wearing your perfect mask around me
I may be the only person
who knows who you really are
So when does it become time
for you to see the real me
when can I tell you about my past
It wouldn't be so bad to talk about it
if I had conquered it
but those old urges have been coming back
more than ever
and I want to turn to you
but I don't want to push you away
I don't know what you'd do
if you knew all the feelings I had
So I continue to smile and laugh
and be there when you need me
but who knows when you'll actually see
the real me