Chastity sat in her room, reading a book she'd begun a few days before- when she hadn't known yet about the strangely perfect world she would be thrust in to. Someone knocked on her door, and Chastity said, "Come in." Faith entered the room a moment later, dressed in a nightgown.

"I ran out of soap. Mom said I should borrow some from you," Faith said. Her eyes were only half opened, and her voice sounded more like a tired moan. Chastity glanced up just as Faith stifled a yawn. "I was worried that I'd wake you up, but I guess you're awake, so why don't you just let me grab some soap, then I'll go to sleep."

"I'll get it for you," Chastity said pleasantly before setting the book down and leaping from her seat. Faith yawned again, then sat on her bed while Chastity skipped in to the kitchen. It was rather late for Faith to be awake- it was even late for Chastity, but after sleeping all day, she felt restless.

She handed her bar of soap to Faith. "Thanks," Faith murmured. She rose to her feet, and started to the door, then stopped. "Why are you awake, anyway?" she asked. "You're not nervous about the whole dream thing, are you? Uncle Ed assured me that Kim would not be able to influence your dreams from jail."

"I wonder what makes Uncle Ed so sure," Chastity retorted. She laughed, then said, "No, I'm really not all that worried. Besides, at this point, what can she do anyway? They have her in solitary confinement, so even if she learned all the secrets of state, she couldn't tell anyone or act on them. I'm just not tired."

Faith smiled. "I'd bet there's more to it than that," she said. Chastity opened her mouth to deny Faith's claim, but her little sister cut her off. "Do you think you'll miss the dreams?" she asked. "I mean, really. You had a chance to live a perfect life, and nothing would ever go wrong for you. Even if it wasn't real, don't you think you'll miss it?"

"I'm sure I'll be cursing at myself every time I have a bad day," Chastity replied. "I don't have very many bad days, though. To be honest, I'm glad to be done with it- even to be done with the perfect stuff. Who would want to be perfect? You'd never be allowed to make a mistake, and every time something goes the least bit wrong, it'll seem much worse than it really is."

Faith smiled. "You always say that," she said.

"Well, it's true," Chastity answered. She sighed, and resumed her seat beside Faith. "To be honest, I'm looking forward to a nice, deep sleep with no dreams. As soon as I start to feel tired, I'll turn the lights off- you can go tell Mom that she doesn't need to worry about my sleeping habits."

Faith's jaw dropped, then she closed it and laughed- although it was obvious that she was too tired to put much effort into it. "You know us too well," she said, then she stood and stretched. "Well, you may have slept all day, but some of us had to take care of all your paper work. I'm going to bed."

"Good night," Chastity called while the door closed behind Faith. She lifted her book again, then glanced at her closet, where she'd hidden the PAK once its old location had been compromised. It was the perfect hiding place; so obvious that nobody would expect such an important item to be there.

She concentrated back on her book, and barely read a sentence before she yawned. Maybe she was more tired than she'd originally thought. She put her book away, then turned out the light.