Writing my emotions in my words and in my song
Listening to blissful play of the toddlers outdoors
Little do they know the pain I'm feeling inside these walls
These walls where I make the music feel how I feel
Pain and pleasure mixed in one
Helpfully harmless to everyone else
But within myself it cuts so deep
I feel like my heart is just falling apart to the sound of this music
The singing of this deadly song
It just keeps going
Louder than ever before
My brain at the brink of bursting
This retched sound being blasted into my head
The music is piercing into me from all angles
Like one thousand needles
Someone turn it off
Someone turn me off
The words are too sharp
It won't calm down
My skin feels like cement
Encased within this cement casting of myself
Is my body and the music
The only daylight being seen is from the two holes I have for sight
Some chisel me out
The music is too loud
The tune changes
The music softer
The cement cracking
The day ending
I can breathe again
I can feel again
The cuts from the song are healing
Such an amazing feeling
Alternating from a song cutting you limb from limb
To a song that fills you with a tremendous joy
But for how long?
How long will this song last?