Numb me to this pain;

just let me shut my eyes

against the harsh truth.

So I'll never see reality

turn a cold shoulder.

As I slip from my pedestal…

or rather, as I am knocked from my perch.

Once stood so high,

now desolate, and confused.

Head is empty,

heart brims over with emotion.

Where to turn,

when you've been abandoned?

Where to go,

when all doors are shut tight against you?

So I press my nose to the glass,

gaze at all the things I wish I had.

Shiny, new; perfect friendship;

bright, passionate love.

These streets are always snowy white,

I hear my steps crunch in the snow.

But no matter how many times I turn 'round

I see only one set of footprints behind me:

my own.

Will there never be another set beside them?

Or am I condemned to wander this icy maze…

…forever alone?