Just a little longer in the atmosphere.
I don't want to

Can't you give me just a little longer?
Please. . .
No, of course. . . Coordinates are set.

The aging champion looks out
At all the places he's been,
The places he'll never see again.
Not like a conqueror,
But like an old friend.
And for a moment the stars
Look twice as bright,
And he takes in the light,
Soon to be obscured
By city smoke
And beers and coke
And everything
At night.

He isn't ready yet.
God knows he won't be back.
This is his final chance,
And now it's ending.
His bags are all but packed.
A sudden jolt and he must brace himself
As it begins
The ship descends.
The sea is rising up to meet it.
He closes his eyes
And something dies,
A little spark,
And so it ends.

It feels great.
A little, yes. It's bound to be
A little sad.
But I know now,
That I've done what I was called to do.
And someone else will take my place up there.
Sure, I'll miss it. . .

. . .More than they will ever know.
As he is driving home tonight,
He'll turn off all his lights
And shut the engine off,
And look into the sky
To search for something,
Something he has lost,
That he will really miss the most:
The little spark,
Now nothing more
Than simple things he's wished and waited for,
But now are gone.
And so it goes.