Shooting star with tail of fire,
Streaking across the midnight sky.
Arching rainbow brightening up,
A cloudy afternoon.
Crashing ocean waves,
Painted by a setting sun.

So beautiful, so peaceful,
A sense of love within it all,
Soft as snow upon evergreens,
Or sparkling rays of light,
Reflecting from a moving stream,
All swirling within my lover's gaze.

Twinkling brown eyes rimmed in dreamy blue,
Not frozen over with icy hate,
Or burning with a grim dislike.
Love, love is all there needs to be,
Within you, within me.

Don't cry for me sweet guardian,
My spirit walks by your side,
Easing the hurts and heart felt pains,
Embracing you when no one else will.
I'll show you the love I see,
For, your angel
I will
Forever be.