My Dream Man

J oyful, playful, eyes twinkling with laughter, and yet so profound that my
E very heartstring thrills with the bottomless currents that flood from his soul;
S ensitive, tender, so full of feeling, and yet no weakling, no wimp;
U nderstanding, caring, yet a rock of strength to cling to,
S elf-confident and yet not selfish, giving himself unreservedly.

C apable of profound emotions, passionate and compassionate,
H ighly creative, innovative, unconventional, yet self-disciplined and
R easonable; humble, down-to-earth, but above all faithful, faithful to death.
I magine this: he could have all the world for nothing –
S till, he loves (and more than his own life)
T his loveless little beggar girl that's me.

June 2001