I awoke to the incessant melody of my doorbell, and the odd sickly feeling of stale morning-after-sex. Sweaty male limbs, tangles stained sheets and all.

And then, of course, there was the sun. What a foul, insipid creature.

Bloody window, so damn wide.

And, of course, the doorbell. Resonating in a repeated jingle, sound of an impatient person trying to maul the button with a finger.

I sat up, hair all astray, found a housecoat, wrapped myself up in it as best I could and ran to the door, flinging it open.

As the door gave way, and the musky scent of male, clean male, wafted in, I felt myself suspended in time, before, in a flash, like a shock of electricity, warm, moist lips covered mine and cool hands slid between the embroidered lapels of my terrycloth robe.

His firm mouth forced my own to open and allow the passage of his tongue to flutter inside and trace inside jaw, my teeth, my tongue.

« Ganymede ! » Dean bellowed from my bedroom.

I tried to wrench myself from the embrace of this man's dominating presence. But he only pulled me closer, crushed his mouth down upon mine harder, and made me feel weaker.

I could hear the heavy thumps, a man's footsteps down the hallway, abruptly, I whirled around, pushed the intruder into my closet and closed the door just as Dean lumbered into my kitchen/ living room split.

« Hello. » he said, evidently liking what he saw, which, I gathered, was his recent lover, naked as a jaybird under an open terry cloth robe, gasping for air with tousled hair, red cheeks and swollen lips.

« Hi. » I murmured, trying to beat the coldness out of my voice.

« By the looks of you, it seems we never even stopped at all last night. » he came closer, a smile broadening the sharp cheeks of his warm face. « What say you to continuing ?» He asked, reaching for me with a grin.

« You know what, Dean, I'd love to, » I started, shaking my head apologetically. My heart quelled as I watched his face darken in disappointment, « But I have to get ready for my sister and mother's visit. » which wasn't all that far from the truth. My mother and sister in law were coming by for dinner. At eight p.m..

« This early, I'd think a newly-wed would sleep in. » he murmured.

« My other sister. » I said quickly.

« That's odd. » Dean murmured. « Willis never mentioned a sister. »

« I call her a sister, » I said, « She's a friend of mine. »

« Okay… » said Dean uncertainly, and his lips quirked in a manner that revealed the few drops of italian in his irish blood. « What time will she be here ? « then his eyes lit up, « Perhaps you cann introduce us ! »

« No ! » she cleared her throat at the apparent surprise on Dean's face, « Mhhmmm, I mean, er, no, that wouldn't be a good idea. Shall I go fetch you clothing ? »

She wandered into the bedroom before he could answer, found the remains of his suit.

She thrust them into his arms and started pushing him towards the door.

« Ganymede, is this all that necessary ? » he murmured as she swung the door open.

« I'm afraid it is Dean. » she sadi determinably, pushing him out into the hallway. « Have a nice day ! » she cried before slamming the door in his face.

There was a lapse of silence before she heard Io's soft chuckles. He was sitting on her kitchen table, dressed in old, worn jeans, a ripped, ratty t-shirt, and a trenchcoat that looked as if somebody had wrapped up a dead cat (that wasn't as dead as they priginally thought) in it. He looked positively scrumptious.

The odd thing was, despite his ragged appearence, he was very clean, he smelt like soap, his scent hung in the air, soap and peppermint and musky male.

« You thought you could forget me. » he said. He wasn't accusing me, he was telling me. « You thought you could move on. »

« I can move on. » I said. Motioning in the direction in which Dean left.

« You didn't move on. » he sneered, sliding off the counter like a sinuous cat and coming towards me. « You can't move on. »

« I suggest you leave, Io. There is no place for you here. » I said, suddenly very weary, I turned and made my way to my bathroom, intent on taking a shower and forgetting about this entire mess.

He followed me, watched me with piercing eyes as I undressed, eyes pale, almost white, in the day, though I knew that as night came about, his eyes would darken, become the colour of the sky right after the sun goes down, a deep, penetrating blue, the bottom of the ocean.

I wasn't all that enbarrassed by his scrutiny, he'd seen me at my best and my worst. I turned the shower on, and climbed in under the spurt of hot water, he sat placidly on the toilet seat.

« You haven't changed all that much. »

« You have. » I answered shortly.

« Like how ? » he asked.

« You cut off the rest of your died hair. It's all brown now. And it's shorter, on a little past your chin now. And it's straighter. Long enough to tie back, but short enough to keep away from your shoulders. »

« Yeah ? » he asked, and through the transparent curtain I could see the flash of white teeth he had.

« Yeah. » I said, fisnihing up and stepping out again. I pulled a towel from the rack and began to dry off, conversing with him all the while. « Why are you here anyways ? »

« I missed you. » he said. Not tenderly, or even nicely. He seemed rather puzzled, even threatened by it.

« Hmm. » I said.

« You really are a wonderful artist. » he said.

« So I've heard. »

« I'm sorry about all those things I said before. »

« Of course you are. » I murmured.

« Please forgive me. »

I pulled a shirt over my head. « You are forgiven. »

« Of course I am. » he said, mimicking my earlier comment.

« You are welcome to leave now. »

« No. » he said shortly. « I am welcome to stay. »

« Says who ? » I muttered, running a brush through my hair as I began to blow dry it.

« Says me ! » he said loudly, struggling to be heard. « You owe me, anyways. »

« Do I ? » I said, feeling an overwhelming sense of anger sweep over me.

« Yeah, you do. Or you will. I want to take you somewhere. »

« No. »

« Why not. » he said, more softly now. He was lookingat his hands now, resting on his lap and clenched into fists.

I pulled my hair over one shoulder and started braiding it. « I don't even know you. »

« Of course you do. » he said, wrapping his arms around my waist and pressing his lips softly upon the curve of my neck. Reminding of times I'd always wished to forget.

« No I don't » I said, though now I felt like a whiny child. « I don't know anything about you. You are a stranger. » I kept my voice cold and remote, unwilling to yield to

« Not in the ways that matter. » he murmured against my skin. I coulf feel his slow smile.

« In all the ways that matter, » I said firmly.

« Well then, here, you come with me and I'll tell you everything about me. Okay ? » he said, sounding as if it were the greatest deal in the world, even though I knew it wasn't.

« Fine. » I said. Anything to make him step away.

Possibly the oddest song in the world was playing in Io's old beaten up once-red sedan.

« Bandages on my legs and my arms from you… bandages bandages bandages… up and down on my legs and my arms from you… bandages bandages bandages »


« What is this ? » I asked, turning to him.

He shifted in his seat, drumming his fingers on the dashboard in time to the beat. « Bandages, Hot Hot Heat. »

« Lovely. » I murmured sarcastically. He shot me a caustic grin.

« Of course. » he said. I watched as his eyes followed the unfolfing and folding of my legs.

I had chosen –foolishly, I suppose- to wear a knee-length black skirt with a red floral pattern. My shirt was a plain black tanktop. And my heels were no more than an inch, black strap-ons.

Apparently it wasn't plain enough to deject him. I smiled to myself, and reached across the car. I watched his eyes flitter nervously, like a bird, from the road to my hand to the road and back again.

I hooked one finger into the waistband of his jeans. Swish- swish.

I bent down, and trailed my tongue along his hipbone.

He swerved to the side of the road, stopped the car, and pulled me to him, crushing his lips onto mine.

Through my pleasure in the kiss, I felt an odd sort of self-loathing. This is what you get, Ganymede, you drove him to this, you slut. Now you have to pay the consequences.

I forced the voice out of my head, and placed my hands on his chest to push him away. But then he tensed, and I felt the ripple of muscle beneath his shirt.

All thought cleared my mind as pure instinct took over. I wanted to feel him. Now.

With his help, I managed to rid him off his t-shirt. Beneath he was smooth, baked golden brown. Pure muscle rippled beneath his skin as he moved, coming closer to help me out of my shirt.

It went on like this for several minutes, alternating between undressing and touching and holding and kissing.

When we were both down to nothing but our skin, I reached for him. But his eyes, in the haze of his lust, went from smokey blue to a clear alert blue within seconds.

He looked around him, then at me. « Bloody hell. » he whispered.

I reached for him again, because I wanted him inside of me as soon as possible. But I stopped when he jerked his head sharply in a sign that I took to be a 'no'.

That pissed me off. « What's the matter with you ? » I sighed.

« I can't sleep with you. Not only are we in an old car on the side of the highway, but you'll regret it later. » he started, pausing awkwardly when I moved closer to him, straddling his abdomen.

My hand drifted behind me to a part of his anatomy I'd rather not directly mention. « No I won't. » I murmured, watching his eyes darken, for once, not with the coming of night, or the fruit of his anger. But I knew, and I suppose he knew, that beneath the reckless man there was a rod of iron control. He kissed me passionately, let his hands roam one more time, and then told me to get dressed, sliding into his boxers and jeans and climbing into the front seat.

Damn him and his iron control. And damn me and my lack of it.

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