The sky was dark. Heavy gray clouds hung in the air, blocking out the sun completely. They were ready to release their heavy burden of sorrow, but hesitated, as if something were holding them back.
These gloomy clouds swirled around one particular spot; a grassy meadow. Within the darkened meadow a crater could be seen, as if something had fallen from the sky and landed there. Not too far off was a figure, a woman, who sat slumped and worn away. She had long, straight black hair that was scattered about her in the grass. Her silver specked-crimson eyes were downcast, reflecting the sorrow and obscurity the skies held. She wore a white dress with a black sash tied around her waist; they were tattered and stained with blood that was not her own. A gleaming clear sword was held limply in her left hand, also stained with blood. There were black wings protruding from her back. They too were tattered, stained and limp.
She was an Angel; a dark angel. Heaven sent, some would say, but she wasn't sent. She had been banished from her paradise in Heaven.
She was made from God himself and had lived with her white-winged counterparts. She was once happy living with her brothers and sisters, watching the sons and daughters of Adam, basking in God's glory. She was once the brightest of them all, despite her dark appearance. All that had changed.
Her brothers and sisters grew bitter and jealous. They despised her for having dark wings. Their hate was so much, they had even managed to turn god against her. She had been swallowed I into sorrow. She still lived there, in Heaven, but was no longer the brightest and no longer knew of happiness; ignored by all and left alone in despair. That wasn't enough for the others.
A war broke out. It was much like the war centuries ago when Lucifer revolted against God. Only this time, it was Heaven against the dark angel. The war was over quickly and she was captured. She was taken to stand before God to be trialed. Once he adored her, but now looked upon her with distaste. Turning his back on her, he banished the defeated angel to the place Adam and Eve lived and bore their children; Earth.
There she was now. Alone and torn apart from the one place she loved. She was stuck; stuck in a place she did not know and did not enjoy. She was a trapped on Earth to live her life in torment.
Even though she was overcome with sorrow, she did not cry. She was too hollowed to do it. To shed tears now would prove futile and useless. Heaven didn't care; God didn't care. Her pride would not allow it either. She had been defeated, she had been abused and rejected, but she refused to let the last of her pride vanish by shedding unnecessary tears.
With that thought crossing her mind she stood. As weak as she felt, she still managed to stand and face the sky in defiance. No longer did her eyes held sorrow. Now they fixated a glare toward the sky. She held tightly onto her sword for support and clenched the other hand into a fist.
"You've banished me from paradise," she growled in a low voice, "just as you did your son Adam. You've taken from me what a treasured most; my happiness. You've given me life and torn away all that I've loved to make me live in torment on Earth."
She found her strength returning to her as she talked to the sky. The dark clouds that were once gray began to swirl; fading away to try and reveal the blue sky. The angel merely narrowed her eyes and with all her might, swung her sword to the sky.
"I tell you now the prophecy that is to come!" she shouted now, her voice rising to the Heavens. "I will live here on this Earth! I will live and return to my rightful place in Heaven. You shall accept me again my powerful lord. When I do reach my home, prepare my sisters and brothers! I will come after all that rejected me! I may have lost this war," the angel dropped her sword and whispered, "but there is another waiting to be fought when I come back."