Inside The Copy
Take out the pretty albino boys
Set them down and play with their toys
Lick the skin, white and painted
Sew the eyes shut and hide what's tainted
Break out the kneecaps
And kill the ass taps
Brush away the evil with your golden brooms
Break the wrists and send them to their rooms
The hypocrite in denial
Beat him off and drink from the vial
Walk around naked and show the white
You'll do what it takes to win the never-ending fight
Stitches close the eyes, hid the red
Boys can't show evil so they hide in their heads
You've lost what you never had
Omnipresent, they'll always be bad
You've lost now, you never stood a chance
The world is dancing Satan's dance
Red eyes kill you until you've died
Pretty white skin can't hide what's inside