Making It Worse

You say that was great
But how do I really know
If you're just playing
And having a joke

You may just say
Those things to make
Me feel better even though
It's in the letter

I write everyday
Because it feels so
Good, but when you
Say those things

I believe I never
Should, are you just
Messing and playing
With my head

Why can't you just
Be serious and stop
Believing that I'm good
Everybody knows I'm not

You're the only one
Who should, you're always
Complementing but never
Say a true word

But why can't you just
Realize I'm not worth
The words or your
Friendly gestures and kind words

I'm not worth the
Paper your words are
Printed on, for that matter
Not even the fucking sum

So please stop it
Your making it
Even worse, you're messing
With my head and it's starting to hurt

Soon I'll believe I'm
Good and go into
The world, but will
Get put down like a whirl

So, I say it again
Stop your kind words
There not helping
There just making it worse

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