Forever Friends

I'm sorry
I went and
Opened my big mouth
I should have just kept it shut

I said it and
Now it's over with
I'm getting worried
Coz we haven't talked in a while

I always check to
See if your there
But when you not
I get scared

I think what have
I done to you
I should have
Just kept my mouth shut

I'm sorry if it
Hurt you really
I am I never
Meant to in a million years

You're the one true
Friend I have
At this point and
I don't want to lose you

I don't know
How many more
Times I can say
It I'm sorry

I hope you
Hear my calls
Coz I never
Want to give this up

I only said
Those things coz
You inspired me
In a way no one ever has

I love talking to
You, you're the
Best friend a
Girl could have

I just hope
My stupid poem
Doesn't jeopardise
That, ever no matter what

Bitch and scream
I don't care
As long at the
End of the day were still friends

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