A warm smile adorned the features of the young woman's beautiful face. Her blonde hair fell in waves as she looked into the elegently decorated crib. Sparkling, jade green eyes met orbs of the same color as her infant daughter awoke. Brown hair was already shoulder length, despite the child's age. Her wings hadn't developed yet, but that would occur in good time. "Titania..." She couldn't believe how the Gods had blessed her. Her life had always seemed so wonderful, like a story book come to life. She had been born into royalty among fairies, found the love of her life, ruled her people at a time of peace, and was now graced with a beautiful daughter whom would someday be queen of the fairies. Truely no one could be more fortunate than she.

"Persephone!" In a twirl of blue robes and skirts she turned to see the source of the husky voice. A burly man around her age stood in the doorway, fangs protruding from his smile. His well sculpted torso and evenly tanned skin shone in the room's light as he took a step from the shadows. His spikey brown hair had a small pony tail jutting from the back of his head, and a big black tail occasionally twitched at his side. From beneath ripped brown pants, his fury black wolf paws could be seen, black claws every so often clenching in and out of the toes. He was handsome; square jaw, long pointed ears, muscular body, dazzling gold eyes; he had been Persephone's first love. However, difference in species, standings, and other such matters got in the way, revealing that the two were only the best of friends.

Her grin widened. How could she leave out her best friend as she counted her blessings? She dashed towards him, arms outstretched, and embraced him tightly. "Aaron!" she exclaimed, so pleased that the wolf demon had visited. Her white wings fluttered excitedly, tassels waving. Surprisingly, her friend didn't hug back, but instead, pulled away. She was about to question his actions when she noted the child squirming in his arms.

"Sargonnas," Aaron murmured affectionately. The infant couldn't be much older than her own princess, but they were much different. Sargonnas was hyper active, constantly biting at her father's strong arms with her own fang and kicking her legs frantically in attempt to escape. Her eyes were a mix of jade green, blue, and faint gray. Her tail swished wildly against Aaron's hard, well toned abs. Persephone couldn't help note how cute the set of paws replacing ordinary feet and long pointed ears looked on the child.

She rose her hands to rest over her mouth to cover a gasp. She smiled enthusiastically. "Aaron! Wha-...when did this happen?" she asked, so happy for her friend. He laughed, bringing up his daughter to rest on his shoulder. From his nose down slowly started to morph into a wolf snout as he nuzzled Sargonnas's neck. Persephone wasn't shocked, Aaron was born of a certain type of wolves that can shift into wolves completely, or only a part of them.

"Around the same time that happened," he replied, pointing a black clawed finger at the cradle. He trudged over to it, Sargonnas still thrashing wildly about. "Aaw, idn't she cute?" He didn't direct the question to anyone, but as if in response, his daughter gave a growl and tried biting on his ear. Before Persephone could respond, a female guard came to the door. Most of the fairies were females, by some odd twist of fate. Aaron always called them "slut fairies," because they usually dressed scantilly or much more different than your typical fairy. This guard just happened to be dressed in a fuzzy white and black leopard print mini skirt, black denim vest, blue tank top, and black knee-high boots.

"Mistress," she said, tapping the butt of her spear on the floor and bowing slightly, "the Council expects you in five minutes for the gathering."

Persephone sighed, adjusting her emerald encrusted diamond tiara. "Yes, of course," she replied, nodding slightly. "Thank you." The guard left, and the queen turned to her companion. An understanding smile was set on his face.

"Aye, don't you worry your pretty lit'le head about it, Seph," he said, waving a hand. "I just stopped by to see how you were doin', no big deal."

The fairy shook her head. "I'm sorry, Aaron. My schedule isn't as free as it was when we were kids," she told him, coming to stand by his side. His golden eyes flashed with an idea, and he looked down at Titania. He took Sargonnas under her armpits and lowered her in the crib with the fairy princess. Persephones green eyes widened, fearing that the wild wolf pup would be too much for Titania. However, gaining freedom seemed to have calmed the demon child down, and she plopped down on her butt contently. She tilted her head slightly at the fairy, not sure what to make of her. Most demon infants weren't as pudgy as normal children, but compared to most fairy children, Titania wasn't all that bad.

Sargonnas crawled over to the fairy, sniffing at her innocently. Taking in the sweet scents of perfumes and exotic fairy aromas too suddenly caused her to sneeze and fly backwards, rolling as she came back to the cushions of the crib. This made Titania laugh, and the dizzy wolf gave a small snort of indignity. Aaron laughed hartilly, clapping Persephone on the back as she joined him. "Gods, she's just like you when you were a pup!"

"Hey, I've got mad skills and grace matched by no other!" he shot, but abruptness of his retort caused him to lose a little balance and shuffle his feet a bit. Persephone just rolled her eyes, returning her attention to the actions of their children. Sargonnas was now crawling towards Titania again, bent in what could be a pouncing position, but her ears were bent back and her eyes looked innocent enough. Her little tail stood up in the air, as if waiting for a response. The natural blonde highlights streaking in her brown hair shone in the light as it hung in her face. Titania giggled and hugged the demon pup like a stuffed animal. Aaron looked hesitant, fearing that Sargonnas wouldn't like the binding and start to fight, but instead, she snuggled like the friendly pet dog. "I've never seen her react to someone like that," he marvelled.

"Yes, they're going to be fast friends...," Persephone murmured, so filled with joy at the thought of them being best friends like her and Aaron. She regretfully turned to the door way. "Come on, Aaron...We'll have to continue this another time..." Much to the displeasure of Titania and Sargonnas, Aaron took his daughter in his arms (she immediately started kicking and biting again) and followed his best friend. A sad smile was on his handsome face as he looked down at the pup. *It's a shame you weren't a boy...I would have liked to see my child love Persephone's...* I thought struck him, and the sadness on his face left. *Or maybe there /is/ still hope.*