I'd like to cross the bridge this time
over the streams, to the barrier reef
circling around your mind
deep and winding,
though the heavens are high
the waters run black
out in rivers from inside

The skies cloudy
a turbid realm of your thoughts
and your heart, a fortress
the strings are taut
so my invasion
and the light of your eyes
your skin, smooth brass
so I and all else fade away
plans thwarted in contrast

We took off through that silver sea
you willed it to tarnish
it was brought to it's knees
the skies protested
and shook us through
made a dark aura
rejected the blue
but even still
through the clouds and their fights
a single star shone
its presence gracing the twilight

you made a wish on that star
for smoother sailing across the water
the moon glared
half through the clouds
a god's daughter
in the bleak distance
that puts all in a semi-trance
where with you I sailed
for a year and a half
as if I was blind
I took your hand
You never said it was unattached
but you said " No, I can't"
I even knew you'd make
an ocean of death
and that all other ships would sail it

Then we landed on a stone laden shore and
you pilfered the smallest of towns
you disguised yourself in a noble's clothes
for he himself had drowned
He went out on his boat on a mild morning
never to return
Hours past it showed up on the beach
intact, but upturned
His love of the sea was well known
his death puzzling to all the townsfolk
whispering, "When harm is done it returns threefold."
But you were never one for superstitions

And then when you found her house
you met a poor girl
with signs of age on her ragged gown
her long, yellow curls
soft as down
her face young and bright
not yet creased by a frown
and devised from her innocence
was your easy plan

Without wavering, and in her own hand
she wrote she was to wed this unknown man
For of your true nature she did not know
and she freely walked onto the boat
you laughed at such simplicity

The next shore was sandy and twice as fair
you gathered your things and left her there
with promises of a crystal stair
and gleaming jewels for her golden hair
but you felt the complete lie this time
she believed she was leaving us
for she so quickly gave you her trust
with the rising sun we sailed off
while you were thinking you'd think nothing more of it

We made it to the other side
with the coming of high tide
it filled from all this on your mind
your victory of a vicious kind
but your thoughts ran dark under it
We sailed that path through and through
while she felt sorrow for leaving you
but she knew not of the things you'd do
and you couldn't sleep because

and her wave could reach that shore
her eyes would open to what means more
she'd see that wreckage strewn across the sea floor
the ships you gave a grave of it
And with Poseidon's power tamed
she could control her rolling wave
and not lose her head
when she hears you name
because she could never cross it

In the turbid realm of your thoughts
she fluttered
across the water
in the bleak distance
in a complete
determined trance
she floated over the traces
of your path
and she flew right towards it

and then the seas went dead
when you learned of your fault
in her death
on your eyes
a steely edge
"how could I have not seen it"

They were golden orbs
torn from an eagle
you were suddenly not bored,
but harried and fevered
pacing around,
your patience meager
you conjured a plan to stall the reaper
but you had cheated time too many times before

not a word was said, though
your eyes they knew it so
pages more than words they told
they dictated entire novels

all this in a glance
when in that glazed
star gazing trance
and even with your policy of temperance
iron will could not mask your countenance
round and devoid of all but truth
your mind revolted
and escaped from you
leaving only skeleton and sinew
And I knew that this was it

Then your body sunk so far down
a solute in the island sound
you were such a great part
you could never drown
and then you became it

So there you were and there was she
her the sky and you the sea
a warning to all that sail by
that the price to pay was for you to die
and I heard that cool wind say
"We are connected, she and I, at the horizon
where sea meets sky"
that is where you hear it

With the coming of high tide
and the lone gull's cry
the sun bleeds from the mouth of the sky
a silver kiss of those that died
I heard "it is I"

And when pulling on the rigging
they then hear a duet singing
and as their voices are ringing
throught the night the gulls are bringing
themselves to the source of it
An then a gull does nestle
at the peak of his vessel
while it feigns the grace of a kestrel
They say" that must be him"

All alone and forgotten
in the turbid realm of your thoughts
I sing my lonely sea song
in a language lost
fused to the waves where they tossed
my life in the water was the only cost
and it was worth it

The barrier reef around your mind
the space within I occupy
pierced by the cold edge on my eyes
and the crew that cried
for the fragrance of the lillies
that floated when you died
I said
"What's on you mind?"

When you're released from the trance
the thunder halts all joyous dance
we imitate what was
your lifeless stance
While we speak of dreams