All you offer me is pain

But like a child I can't let go

I can't understand your loathing

when you're all I want in this world

The joy of being your belonging

is greater than the wide wide sea

the security of your passive abuse

more tempting than the sweetest candy

Outside the nightmares stalk me

but inside I have my very own

You are all that makes me tremble

Where fear and ecstasy combined

Take from me what's given freely

Allow me to bear your burden

So that when cold light dawns

The hurt is erased from your eyes

I am an empty vessel

made hollow by your touch

fill me with searing sensation

my existance to redefine

You know my every weakness

Knowingly you exploit them all

Like the touch of a master musician

I scream under your cruel caress

And so I writhe in agony

Loving you for all your skill

Knife's blade tender edge

and whip your tools of trade

Run rivlets of red red rose

as testimony of this tryst

soon enough it will be over

this stolen moment of divine

Forbidden by all that is holy

Forsaken to hell on earth

Forgotten by most of creation

Abandoned to your embrace

Make me come alive, o lover

Take away my guilt, my stain

Cleanse yourself of your anger

Of the revenge that sours your heart

Punish me for my secret sin

My dark, heavy soul to ease

Imagine that I am the offender

Who made you feel helpless that night

Potent rage flashes in your eyes

My body quickens under your hand

And at last there is a stillness

None would mistake for peace

But for a time, there will be quiet

A period of mindless relief

When our demons will not haunt us

So hush my love, and sleep