She was a ballerina and I was god

Id play the part as if the world was mine
And in her eyes I knew it was true
I would make it happen
The auditions the teachers
The lessons the partners
All appearing out of my palms
As she spun almost magically
With beach sand in her hair
And dilly sap on her hands
Tear stains on her face
That never ceased to glow

I was the artist and she was my muse
Making the pencil move along her endless curves
Gently shading in the dark spots those rough hewn feet
The blue black ringed eyes
And those gentle delicate hands
Topped with plastic rings
And candy necklaces
Barrettes and ribbons in her hair
Pigtails streaming behind as we dance

Then the rain would begin
And we would giggle
As we ran for cover beneath the Camelma tree
Bare feet slapping against the stones
Splashing though puddles as we race
The first with sap on their hands
And diamond rain drops on her cheek wins

And its me again
Eyes clouded crayons in hand
Wrists dripping a color crayola has yet to comprehend
And she's gone
Even as she stares back at my clouded eyes
The water colors are drying in the tube
The phone is ringing
There is dinner to prepare
And breakfast dishes to clear away
I've lost another day
But it is captured here beneath my hands
Colored by the blood from my veins