So now the paint is dry
And the blood has ceased to flow
And I from my disillusionment grow
Out from the depths of my perverted mind
I flounder in my own darkness
With fears all of a kind
That would turn the sky fond colors
Or melt the grass away
But even then Iam faded

No more dancing today

The scene has been changed
As that painting was set to dry
And another from the depths of my soul I pry

A little older now
The softness of childhood thinned away
All arms and legs and frowns
As the bottle spins around
And the fantasies fade

He was clyde in his chipper Sunday best
Chasing me home from church
Through the dampness of summer mornings
Before the sun heats up
And melts the clothes off our back

My hand in his he guides me across the street
Broken glass on the sidewalk
Crunching beneath our feet
Scratching the polish on my shiny white shoes
The first pair of heels I will ever own
Clacking up the hill as he chases me home

The heat is over bearing
No sea breeze to cool the soul
No rainy spring days
To hide what our souls hold
Inside the fours walls the world is nonexistent
Only pride keep the fans spinning
Churning the same stale air
As flies buzz hopeless
Dashing them selves against the screen

And then were dressed and ready to play
Despite the Sunday errands
That sends us back out into the heat
Up the block around the corner
Sweating endlessly street after street
The corner store with air conditioning beckons us near
The fresh potatoes and two large onions
And four large corn ears
In hand and arm and shopping bags
We hurry up the street
As the clouds fill up the sky
And tears stains this sheet

And Iam crying again
As I scrawl my life in graphite
Against the eggshell walls
Bleeding my soul into the pencil point
Reliving every and all
The details of this haunted life
The steps the climbs the falls
The ones I've loved and lost so many
I've filled in all these walls
Not a hand can be laid with out the taint
Of my hard earned life it seems
Because these walls have absorbed them all
They now hold all my dreams