In this place she is broken

Missing pieces of her soul

Taking forever to collect them

As they slip through fingers so cold

Like the tears of an angel

They shatter within the silence

No echo commemorates their end

Only a black marble stone

Keeping watch through the ages

No time touches this surface

Inscribed are all the sins

That keeps humanity from God

Near the bottom is written

The one who slayed a god

Will never be forgiven

She is eternally cast aside

Cleaved from her master

Her soul sits in anguish

Basking in bittersweet anger

At the irony of her love

"Come" he said to her

Her beautiful golden lord

Offering her his heart

In exchange for her smile

Fool that she was, she listened

And tasted ambrosia so sweet

Only to have it turn bitter

His life sacrificed for hers

Now there is time for weeping

Alone in a place all forgot

She patiently waits to die

To follow her lord into death

The darkness is a comfort

To her life ravaged soul

She lifst dark wings in salute

To those who passed on before