Taking out my hate again
Burn, burn, burn it down
Throwing gasoline on fire
The flames of my rage
Burning down my soul again

I find myself sitting next to the blaze
And I am laughing again
Frenzied, pained laughter
The kind that cracks your heart
And you taste the broken glass
Powdered memories in your mouth
Bloodying your tongue
Spit them out, spit them into the flames
Let them burn away
Along with what's left of you

And I try to ignore the sound of broken glass
The sound of ice cracking and shattering
As I watch my soul burning down again

Wondering how to build it back up again
As what's left of my soul is ground to dust
That I spit into the rage, the flames of my soul

As I cry tears of ice
And mourn my heart of glass
Gazing at the flickering glow of recreation
Wondering when
This destruction will become a form of creation
And I can build myself up again

Heart of glass
Soul of wood
Shattered one
Burned the other