Power of Emptiness

The blank page represents almost unlimited possibility; it is the most powerful source of potential, one of the most mutable objects used by man, but it is generally overlooked. It affects everyone from the unemployed searching for work to the multimillionaire entrepreneur. Its bounds can hold the most creative, beautiful artwork in history; its borders can contain the most important scientific discovery of the century; it can display a child's first written letters, glorious in their ungainliness. Anyone who desires to do so can shape a blank page to whatever they wish it to be, yet the blank page is most efficiently used by someone who understands what it can become, and has the will to make it into whatever they need it to be, someone who understands its potential power.
These blank pages open the doors to other worlds-or they can. A blank page is unrestrictive, it is unbinding. It does not demand creativity nor requires great skill, but such can be exerted upon it. The blank page does not demand that what is started must be finished, but it allows this to happen; the blank page does not discriminate between race or age, talent or need; it is impartial and does not mind who uses it. This object allows for concrete materialization of thought; the blank page allows the question of 'why' to be asked, extrapolated, debated, and possibly answered on a material surface; it allows for the communication of whatever is placed upon it and eases the process of doing so. The blank page represents the ultimate potential, its limits are simply what can be fitted onto the single sheet of paper, and if what is wanted does not fit on a single page, another page can be always added.
Anything can be manifested on this blank page; it can be used for anything from a forty page research paper to a paper airplane. Emotions can be released upon it and the blank page will receive them, no matter their diction or content; it can be an outlet for stress, anger, love, and more. It is a path that can be trod by anyone; the blank page is a path that leads to wherever the walker wants it to lead; it will never become a true dead end and there are no signs telling you to keep off the grass. The blank page is a tool for representing thought; it is a tool for creativity and the imagination; it affects what we do every day. The blank page is our preeminent tool for communication and thought across the globe. The blank page must never be taken lightly, a mistake which most of us make.