[The Dandelion Suicides: The Beautiful Religion]

A solitary dandelion sat still in a puddle of grass
I watched: mesmerized
She turned to greet me with a great golden eye
And I watched: hypnotized
"I am summers vampire," her voice flickered to life with the street lamp above her
I blinked and stared on
"I feast on green blood; it flows from their veins into mine"
And I'd forgotten who I was
"Their souls repeatedly divide, one half joining mine, until their fragment becomes too small to survive"
And I knelt in the grass before her
"Then soon I'll be left in a circle of death, a crown of my own creating"
My lips moved in prayer like a shadows vow to silence
"Then I'll join their ranks, for what is a queen all alone?"
So I let my hands plunge and take root in the soil
A sacrifice, an heiress, a convert.