Staring at the cieling thinking about the past
What if I had never met you, my freind in my head
You start to hallucinate after the third or fourth day of insomnia
Maybe I should try to close my eyes again
but the rain is beating on my head, wake up! its yelling
The buzzers ringing in my ear, another restless day
Another day of the same old stuff again, why me
How did I turn into this monster in my head
Im sleepless and you dont know it
You think I hate you, Im just a skitzo
I think you hate me, your just misunderstood
I hate trying to sleep alone, I need you by my side again
Why cant I fall asleep, why cant I awake from this nightmare
Who is that staring at me from my head, who is that crying in the dark
While everyone is sleeping, I spend my time looking at your picture
Thinking about you, Your always in my nightmares
I left the note by your bed, It said Ill wait
Ill wait for you to come for me, have you came for me
I cant rest before I know why you love me
Its ok sometimes I dont even know why I love you
Maybe its because I just do, something inspires me to
Its so nice being around you, I wish I could dream about you again
I would of wrote a better poem, but the monkeys are coming for me