Sing Before You Go

Divisible only by the miles;
a thousand of them cannot separate
a heart such as ours.

Lie here on the floor with me
and hear the guitar strums beat
to the love-struck hearts.

But again you have gone away;
left me with nothing but a birthday kiss
and a sweet promise of your final stay.

Selfish thoughts flicker in my mind,
like a failing flashlight.
Without you here, the world is dark.

Impossible, I know, but to wish
for a single day where I kiss you hello
instead of goodbye.

Can't I hear your voice a little longer,
while your sweet melodies
sing me into early slumber?

Unsatisfied until unfilled promises
can finally be abided by,
I will wait until the loss is won.

But please sing once more,
just stay a little while
and kiss me before you go.

(Dedicated to Anthony Draconius. Yis-nana.)