The young girl stood in the rain
Tears mixed with glossy water drop fell down her bloody cheek
Her dress was torn and ripped with pain.
The doll she held was her only sanity,
All she wanted, was a hug of love, from anyone.
People walk right through her faded body.
She squeezed the doll close, screaming to die.

Her eyes were a sparkling ocean blue,
but now they were pure white.
Her tears stopped flowing, her bruises disappeared,
a faceless doll dropped.
She started to breathe faster,
Her body lifted and floated in the air.
The pure white eyes turned an evil, enchanted red.
A smile appeared as she glided through the air.
All the good in her fragile heart disinigrated, replacing with revenge.
With a laugh she created war, terror, and sadness on the world.
She pointed her veined finger at a teen girl hugging her dad,
With a whisper of "Die", the teen fell to the ground.
People who were with loved ones all around fell.
Blood filled the city.
The angel went and saved her doll before blood stained it.
The best day of her life, was the day she died, the day love was destroyed.

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