Help me, I'm lost.

I just can't find my way.

The fog, the thick fog,

It traps me;

Traps me in this tragic world.

There's so much pain,

And too many tears.

So many lies.

I just can't find my way.

I need happiness.

A happiness away

From this bloody

Cut-up world.

But all that is here

Is the fog;

The thick fog,

And the blood;

The thick blood.

Why can't I find it?

Who I used to be?

Who I want to be?

What is happening?

My world is upside down.

No longer do I have reasons

Behind my actions.

Where am I?

Someone, come and find me.

Help me through this maze

Of fiery hate and hurting lies.

Help me find love and peace.

Just please, help me.

I'm lost.