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titleTo A Friend/title

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p class=MsoNormalTo A Friend/p

p class=MsoNormal/p

p class=MsoNormalYour face is a picture/p

p class=MsoNormalIn my memory./p

p class=MsoNormalYour dark brown hair neatly cut/p

p class=MsoNormalShort to fit your personality./p

p class=MsoNormalYour deep blue eyes pull me in,/p

p class=MsoNormalAppearing to paint a /p

p class=MsoNormalPicture of me in you mind./p

p class=MsoNormalThe kind words of encouragement You would say helped me
during the Many hardships /p

p class=MsoNormalIn my life./p

p class=MsoNormal/p

p class=MsoNormal"Don't give up.  You can overcome this.  You are strong." 
You would say to me, giving me comfort.  Words you actually Meant to say helped
Me to believe in my self once again, giving me courage to be strong./p

p class=MsoNormal/p

p class=MsoNormalThe times we spent talking/p

p class=MsoNormalUntil late into the night still/p

p class=MsoNormalBring a smile to my face.  /p

p class=MsoNormalThose memories creating images in my mind./p

p class=MsoNormalPlaying games and watching movies,/p

p class=MsoNormalOr just simply talking./p

p class=MsoNormalThose nights when sleep didn't/p

p class=MsoNormalHappen until almost /p

p class=MsoNormal3am,/p

p class=MsoNormalgiving each other courage and/p

p class=MsoNormalsupport./p

p class=MsoNormalOh my friend, will anyone remember after the years have

p class=MsoNormal/p

p class=MsoNormalI will./p

p class=MsoNormal/p

p class=MsoNormalRemember those times when the horrible images of/p

p class=MsoNormalmy past came to haunt me,/p

p class=MsoNormalTaking me away from reality, /p

p class=MsoNormalHow you would just hold me,/p

p class=MsoNormalComforting me until I came back?/p

p class=MsoNormal/p

p class=MsoNormalI will./p

p class=MsoNormalFor you are a/p

p class=MsoNormalTrue friend to /p

p class=MsoNormalMe./p

p class=MsoNormal/p