I'm sorry. Perhaps if I had known Perhaps if I wasn't so blind Maybe I could have Avoided the pain I caused to rise Once more In your heart, Your soul.

I never meant to hurt you But I do no ask for a pardon. I did what I did, And there's no way around it. She wooed me, She called me, She pretended to be A friend to me.

But all things come to an end If only to create more beginnings And that's what this is. A new beginning. A chance to forgive But not forget. Though we shall not dwell We can't erase What always has been.

You say tears soaked your pillow Every night If you only knew How much of that Is in me too How much could have been Spared?

Here is our chance to grow To try To be What once was And could possibly be again Even if a bit disfigured And retarted, Just a post-birth Abortion Of a age old Friendship.

Take my hand, Danielle Know that this is for thee I love you now, I loved you then The spell has been broken I'm free to love again Please don't be sad And know that what I said Was not my intent. If I had only known.