The soft hoot of an owl
The quiet rustle of leaves
A whisper of wind
Brushing against my face
Bright eyes peeking from the trees
They suddenly go out
There's no one there
I know in my torn heart
I am alone
I sit in the silent clearing
Dark shadows flickering
Outside the living, glowing flame
Smoke my only companion
A bitter taste in my soul
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you
You, who was always with me
You, who was forced to leave this world
You, who left me alone
I can't see it
The happiness has left me
Stranded on an isle deserted
You left me with these people who
Huddle together
Scared of their own shadows
Hoping some brave soul will
Quench the evil
They tried to draw me in
Wanted me to join their pitiful group
To be protected
I said no
I was abandoned
I will be alone
Sitting in my quiet clearing
Hearing the rustles and the whispers
Waiting for eternity
Waiting for you
I will be alone./center