The only thing I need
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: I'm back from my lil trip, and I decided to write a few poems. Here's
the latest poem, and it's a light poem. Nothing too deep. This poem is
about the things a woman needs, and here's a few things that I could think
about. Although some of the things mentioned here would be nice to have.
I'm just saying that material objects isn't all that a girl wants. Anyway
the diamonds would really be nice though. I'm just playing.
ANYWAY......Don't forget to R&R. I'd like to know what you guys/gals think.
Gotta go. Luvs you all.

I don't want no stinking roses
I don't want a diamond ring
The only thing I want from you
Is just the simple things

I have no need for jewlery
Dinner at home is just fine
The only thing I want from you
Is a moment of your time

I don't need to eat chocolates
I don't need champagne
I just take pride in knowing
That my baby hasn't changed

I don't need you to buy me things
Or take me on shopping spree's
I just need to relish in the fact
That you're here with me

I don't need to fret or worry
I don't need to shout
You're everything that I would ever want
And that's what I'm talking about

I don't need another man
I don't need the strife
The only thing that I need
Is to have you in my life