Can I
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Guess what? I'm back. I hope you guys missed me. Anyway here's a happy
poem, and it's a poem about being in love. I liked the way this came out,
but I would love to hear your verdict on this poem. Just let me know ok.
Luvs you all. Gotta go. Don't forget to R&R. It means so much to me when
you do.

Can I touch you
See that you're for real
It's like I'm dreaming
And none of this is real
You're like a portrait
Too perfect for my eyes
What you see is what you get
You wear no mere disguise

Can I hold you
Hold you close to me
I want to pull you close enough
To feel your heart beat
I want to stay like this forever
Where you'll keep me safe and warm
I love the feeling that I get
When I'm lying in your arms

Can I kiss you
Feel your lips caressing mine
To feel your breath against my face
It makes me lose my mind
Your tender lips are like heaven
So soft, succulently delicious
I'd never believed that one little kiss
Could fulfill all of my wishes

Can I love you
Please let me be your girl
Let me share a part of your life
And live inside your world
Please let me be the one
Who you'll spend eternity with
Let me be your love forever
Cause I'm the best you'll ever get

If you don't believe me, then try me
I promise that I won't disappoint
I'll make you go crazy with desire
And be everything that you want
So let me be the one for you
Come on babe, give me a try
I promise that I'll love you always
Until the day I die