Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: This poem is mediocre at best. I like it, but I could've done better.
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You've managed to break my heart once again
I can't count the tears I've shed for you
I try to be strong, but I'm just too weak
That crying is all I can do

My heart may never heal from this
This heartbreak is tearing me apart
Why must you do this to me
Continue to break my heart

A broken heart takes time to heal
And time isn't on my side
I can't seem to heal these wounds
And I feel like I'm going to die

I watch you move on to another girl
I guess you'll hurt her too
I guess I could give her a warning
A warning all about you

Should I tell her that you've hurt me
And tell her to watch her step
I hope that she'll listen to me
So that she'll have no regrets

Like the regrets that I now have
Each and everyday
I hate you so much right now
In each and every way

Thank you for breaking my heart
It'll never be the same
My broken heart will bear these scars
And I'll always feel this pain