I'm sorry
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: This poem is for someone that I rejected, and wished that I didn't. We
all make mistakes, and this was one of mine. Feh....story of my life.
Anyway, you know the drill. R&R. This is a personal poem, so go easy on me
all right. Don't make me cry.

Why did you ask me out
Why did you even try
The look you gave when I said no
It made me want to die

You said that I was beautiful
Proclaimed it to all your friends
Why did you give me such love
Loving me until the end

Still I rejected you
When it was all a lie
Truthfully I liked you too
But I held it all inside

I even tried to pretend
That I was in love with another
One who never loved me back
So tell me why I'd even bother

There was never any reason
To doubt my feelings for you
Just because I said no
Didn't mean my feelings weren't true

You were everything a girl could want
I was a fool to turn away
I regret my decision even now
I regret it every day

Just remember this one thing
That I thought the world of you
Even though we weren't together
My feelings were always true

Yes, I really liked you a lot
I may have even loved you
Too bad I blew my chances
But there's nothing else I can do

But grieve over a long lost love
And forever feel this pain
I'm so sorry that I let you go
Please forgive me once again