September 22, 2004. 5:32 p.m. (Germany)

Oh, I'm going to England this weekend with my cross-country team and our school's volleyball teams because we have meets there. I'm really excited. Oh and the other day I saw this guy about my age at a bus stop and he was SOOOO HOT! I mean like he was perfect. HE had dark brown hair and blue eyes, an earring in his left ear, and his style was so cool. I love dressing like he did, but I was running with cross-country so I had to just keep on running even though he was totally staring at my tightass as I ran by in those short running shorts. I think that was the first time I even saw a guy and thought he was hot. At lease a guy that made me react that way. I was way hot. My friend Lilah said I was like a cat in heat cuz a construction worker was standing by a construction sight when I ran past him and I was like, "Oh my god! He's so hot!" Dudes, It was weird. Now I know for sure that I'm Bi, Maybe GAY after those two guys. I could barely stand it. Two hot guys come and gone in less then a minute. It sucks. I almost want to track down the guy at the bus stop. That's how hot he was.

Well I still can't wait until the meet this weekend. We get to leave on Friday cuz it's like a 15-hour drive. I won't be able to sleep at all. Anyway, back to straightness for all you homophobes. I have a huge crush on Minnie but I am too scared to say anything cuz she knows that I'm bi. Not to mention that she'll be on that bus with me this weekend. I think I'll ask her out. But then again, my ex-girlfriend will be on the bus too. Ugh. My life is so complicated. If I was older and in Las Vegas, I'd find a prostitute but I'm weird like that. I'm just kidding. I'm really big against sex for money. Well, I g2g to finish homework and other stuff in English. "BI" until another