That which was once great
Is no more.
It is lost and broken,
Cast away into an endless night.

That which was glorious,
Shines upon none.
Evil veils goodness,
Darkness has conquered the light.

It reined four ages,
In golden perfection.
Never faltering or failing,
Standing proud and upright.

But now the king is dethroned
His mighty chair destroyed.
His crown is broken,
And his temples alight.

The queen weeps alone,
In her chambers of grace.
Her kingdom is fallen,
The rising flames bright.

An image of splendour,
Drawing all to its heart,
Now lays abandoned,
Its defenders in flight.

But there are yet a few,
Who protect the walls still.
Who, clad in steel armor,
Stay here to fight.

And from the ashes it will rise,
And we shall turn once more to the West.
It will reflect in all our eyes,
Shining and shimmering in glorious