Engulfed in an orb of darkness
The moon hasn't risen in years
Stars in the sky have become dim
Wash away the pain with tears

I stand alone in this world
Watching all dying around me
My visions have become a blur
I'm blind, I'm unable to see

It's still pouring crimson tears
Black skies won't stop darkening till
Pitched tar forms an ever growing sea
Dark enough for us to kill

Thoughts are consumed by Satan
Pessimism overtakes my soul
Is it true, what I'm feeling?
Life just feels so low

Alone I live in this memory
Standing on this breaking bridge
Falling into an empty ocean
Unable to breathe on the ridge

I'm living in pure isolation
Everyone is too cruel to bear
All I see are just hallucinations
The dead around me only stare

Eras have passed since I saw the sun
I was forced to walk into oblivion
Ever since I've been on the run
From the darkness that my life's become

I've been living in eternal shadows
As he refuses to make it any brighter
All I see is various desolated meadows
The skies aren't getting any lighter

Take a walk in my shoes
Live in obscurity, my paranoid thoughts
When will this end? I have no clue
Never before had I even this sought

One day the sun shall shine again
Until then the shadows will kiss me
The dead will come back to life then
Contentment once again I shall feel


A/N: there are a few lines talking about death and dying, well they
represent all the death I have seen in the past one year. Just on September
21, 2004, my good friend, Vineeth's father died due to an accident he had
on the 16th of the same month. On July 29th, 2004, someone I knew, Rishab,
died in front of our eyes at school. Three deaths in the family, and my
friend's suicide attempt. It all represents the darkness which seems to
have engulfed my life at the moment...this poem represents how I've been
feeling lately.