Up in the sky, I see the clouds
Dotted on a background blue,
And floating past my eyes.
A majestic sight!
But no angel flight
Occurs at wondrous highs
No relatives you once knew
And your eyes last saw dressed in shrouds
And from the sky, pours down the rain
Drizzling onto my skin
And trickling through my hair
Soaking everything
Except angel wing
For their eyes do not glare
Upon each and every sin
Nor upon smiles, nor upon pain
Occasionally, I see a bird
Soaring through the midday sky
All dressed up in black coats
Unknown landing site
But up at this height
Angels don't hum clear notes
And the voices are a lie-
No soft sweet angel song is heard!
Up in the sky, all this I see
A treasure chest of beauty
Stored right above my head
Truly amazing
But no point gazing
For glimmers of the dead
Regardless of Life's duty
It is no place for you and me