For the longest time
My flesh has gone
Not a scar ripples
The plane of skin.
Too perfect for a human.

I hate it.

Come on people!
Bring your knives
Slash me open
With your scornful words
Let the blood of hatred

Brand my skin
With all my flaws.
It's less painful
Then the fire within.
Flog my flesh
With unspoken words

I will moan in delightful
My lips taste the words
With relish
Rip me open.
Guts to skin
And I will scream with bliss
As you sift through my secrets
And beat me with my faults.

Come, let us spar
Our tongues are the weapons
Scream hateful things
Until they're swollen
And blood drips
From our minds.

Take a nail to my brain
Let out some steam
All these things I assume
You think of me
Need to be let out
Tell me what you think of me
Cut my skin with your scorn
I will smile and nod.
As you break my face.

God don't stop
It is so refreshing
To see the blood flow
Cleansing my body
Of my expectations
Of your opinion.
Just whip me
Until I die
Happily knowing
I know what you think of me.

Now my skin is marred.
Now I am human.
And I can rest easily.