I sit here waiting
Watching in awe
Hoping and praying
That he just saw

What life was like
And could be together
Just hoping that he
Won't or ever

I love him for him
But that just isn't
Enough, why can't he
Learn to love and trust

I trust him with
All my heart, and
Hope one day we'll
Never have to part

But that just now
Was wishful thinking
But I know now for
Never winking

He does not look
When I walk by
I'd have to trip and
Fall or die

But even if I did
He still wouldn't notice
Even though my heart and
Eyes are strained with focus

I love his eyes and
The way they shine
They're gorgeous and lovely
And just so divine

But what can I
Say it's never gonna
Be I should just
Dream and try to live happily

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