I wish I had unlimited
Time, to do whatever, whenever

She doesn't realize
That I need this

I cannot live without
It, I need my fix

She doesn't know
It pains me so

So I much I just
Want to scream and shout

I'm limited already
And now even more so

I hate her
I hate her

So much at this
Point, she doesn't even know

Why can't she just
Say yes more often

Why can't she
Understand my friends are here

My friends that
I need to talk to

My friends I cannot
Live without at this point

I need to post
My poems and

To reply to the
E-mails that I get

But she doesn't
Realize my life is here

I need unlimited
Time, to do what I want

I wish she'd see
That and let me on

But, no is all
I hear at this point

Why can't she just
Say yes for once

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