Hes so kind and funny
Really a great laugh
We didn't connect at first
But now were never apart
I met him on the
Net I had never done
That before but it
Seems I've gone to
The core
He really likes my
Writing and all he
Does is complement
No one has ever
Said the things he
Says and actually
Appreciates me. He's
Really nice and not
Mean, I really love
Talking to him when
Ever I get the chance
He doesn't lie and gives
His best and heart felt
Answers. I'm so glad
We met. Coz he brightens
Up my day.
Now I think
Am I good enough
For him does he
Believe I'm selfish
And can only talk
About my self, am
I a good enough
Person to be
Worthy of his posts
Does he like talking
To me, and won't
Discard me like before
I look forward to
His e-mails and anything
Else, he sends. I hope
I don't sound to sad
Coz he's a really
Good friend
He's really nice to talk to
And I hope we never stop
But most of all I hope
I'm worthy of his friendship
And trust.
A/N. Plz R&R. means a lot.