Clear indignation
What guilt is mine
Except the guilt of wanted to be alone?
The bitter words thrown out
Of the mouth I had so tenderly kissed
Shook me up and down
And side to side
Like a rag doll
Stuffing thrown into all corners of
My soul

I threw my telephone into the floor
And wept as I pieced it back together
The instrument of my shock
And anger
What am I, to have turned you into this?
I ask once, no more, for explanations
And I am alone
Shaking, pale, I shake again
And am thrown into myself
And out

Into a world without love
(For that illusion has now been forgotten)
What will become of you?
Please do not leave this vale of tears
Because I would hold you in my arms
As gladly as ever
I only wanted to be alone
And all I was was thrashed out
Against a stone wall
A few sentances of words you'd never spoken
But now screamed
What was I to do?

Do not forgive me
And yet, I beg
You to tell me why I am
The object of hate
And not of reproach.
What sin has sparked the explosion
We both had clogging up our lungs
I shall visit our old haunts
No more.
No more pilgrimage
No more guilt
This, amateurishly, exposes all
To light
And holds me in some dark embrace.